bit of an EB

Rather busy today, planting things that we bought the other day, weeding others and planting the wild pansies I dug out of other places. It never ever stops really, imagine a regular climate with 12 months of something or other in the garden, a few quieter months... Here we have May, June, July and August where growing happens, and the wind down in September. Then it's over. 5 rather frantic months of gardening, perhaps 6 if we have a mild year. Then frost, snow and hibernating land!

It all adds up to a very busy start to the season. I remember it was madly hectic when we worked but not any longer. Today's busy-ness is due to us driving off for a few days, and needing to secure the little green lives we're responsible for. And packing a bag or two, picking the gifts we want to take with us, watering the indoor plants and so on.

We are now watching the Eurovision song contest, with the UK commentary with Graham Norton. He's a sweetie, finds something positive to say about every song. Which is more than I can manage! I managed to knock a glass of red wine over, doesn't go well with a white long haired carpet. No sooner was that mopped up and settled once more, when Keith knocked the water over! We aren't fit to have in furnished rooms, as the Swedes say....

The blip is the sofa downstairs, in it's new grey coloured throw, and with pops of pink. Keith wasn't at all sure to start with, but of course he's fine with it now. It's nice to have a husband who is amenable and so easy to live with. I'm afraid the contest is demanding my attention, despite my love of blip, so I'm off! 

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