Written In Ink

By inkstainedhand

Afternoon Shift

I know I haven't written on here in quite a while. Work has been exhausting and rasher all consuming. I've been going home and falling into bed almost as soon as I walk through the door, despite only doing short shifts. The work itself takes a lot out of me as does the journeys to and from work. Often it takes me about an hour, sometimes more, to get to and from work each day. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the work but the cost in energy is quite high. I booked some Annual Leave at the beginning of June and I'm really looking forwards to that, despite not knowing what I'm gonna do with myself for five days.

Worked an afternoon shift today, I have a meeting on Saturday mornings that I've been going to for months now, so work should know by now that I can't do Saturday mornings (they do regularly "forget" and put me down for Saturday mornings. It means I have to remind them I can't do those shifts).

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