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Spot the Difference V

It's still blowing a gale. It's still pouring with rain. It's still chilly. Spot the difference!

Ah, but, no, but ... this Spot the Difference is #5 in my own personal series. If you'd like to play the game, see if you can spot 10 differences between the top image and the lower one. That is to say: ten intentional differences! Unlike the photos in the previous four puzzles, I didn't have use of a tripod today, so the register and angle and what not is slightly different, so please make allowances for that. Warning: if you're looking on a small screen, especially a tiny smartphone screen, there's one difference that you're unlikely to spot.

All this tells you that it's not been going-out-looking-for-blips weather. Not remotely! But I have baked a banana loaf and, for dinner, a beef and mushroom pie (just consumed). We're a bit full, so taking a blip-break between courses, with fresh strawberries and ice-cream for pudding. 

If you click on the tag below it will take you to previous S-t-D blips. Do feel free to copy the idea if you're in the mood to create a puzzle. They're fun to do!

Answers tomorrow! 

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