Written In Ink

By inkstainedhand

Spring Flowers

One of the aspects of spring that I love is the variety of flowers. Being a photographer I will try to capture these beautiful flowers as I'm never sure I'll have the chance again. I don't know the names of each flower, I don't know how long they last, I just know they're beautiful and I want to share them with you. All the flowers that I'm sharing today were taken on my commute to and from work. All I did was stop and pull out my phone for a few minutes to take a few pictures before carrying on with my journey.

Life is good, work has been pretty good and I enjoyed my shift today. We weren't in a huge rush to get our allocation done. Every day we're assigned to work with one of our colleagues and are given a list of residents who need to be washed and dressed for the day. Three members of staff are assigned to the first break (11:10 am); if they don't finish their list by their break time, then they can go back after their break and finish their list. Often there's one person who gets the single column (this list is made up of the residents who only need one person to assist them in getting themselves ready for the day), this person often goes on the first break as well. The rest of us can go on our break whenever we finish our allocations are done.

Thankfully, I've got two days off to look forwards to and I'm in desperate need of some time alone. Some time to clean and sort the flat out, as well as spending some time journaling (I've managed to do some already today and am gonna do some more). I've got Netflix running and I'll probably see if I can get some of my online learning done tonight, just to get it over and done.

Until tomorrow. XX

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