By Diarised

End of the season

It was time to check in on our Premier League predictions after the final matches of the season.  I got a measly 3 positions right.  I think I also got that many the year I just put everyone in alphabetical place !

Ian and Leo fared better by predicting 5 places correctly and as Leo got the top 4 correct we have decided he was the winner.

I was hoping Leicester would get a top 4 position, especially after all the European Super League shenanigans!

Newport County also made it to the play off final at Wembley. Let’s hope their play off experience works out better than Exeter City’s.  I always hope they don’t make the play offs now as it is always so disappointing. It has to be automatic promotion or mid table for the Grecians to save all our nerves!  At least if The Port get promoted I won’t have divided loyalties when they play City.

It was another day full of rain so I didn’t feel like I was missing out with my feet up.  Just one more week of work for me before a week off for half term. I am hoping my foot is loads better by then so we can all get out and about a bit.

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