Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


Following on from my 'town trail' of Airdrie last Tuesday, I returned for a quick visit on Sunday afternoon to follow up on something I had read on an information board in West End Park in the town. Unexpectededly, while I was doing that I discovered a whole new side to the town: streets where the houses were large, solid and imposing, and the gates in front of them more so! I didn't know such an Airdrie existed, but that says more about me than it does about the town.

Anyway, as I was walking back along the main road towards the town centre, I spotted this sign above a couple of shops. Another remnant of an Airdrie long past. Can't make out all the lettering, but the reference (I think) is to Chapelhall Co-operative Society, which was founded in 1872.

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