The second half of life..

By twigs

Bird feeder back in action

It's been missing in action since last year but it's back in action now.  It's taken a while for the birds to realise it was an easy and plentiful source of food but now the message is out now I think so it won't be long until the numbers increase.  Lucky for the birds, it hasn't been tooooo cold so far.........I don't think we've even had a frost yet.  I know, I know......tempting fate to say it so I'm fully expecting a nasty turn to arrive soon! 

Speaking of arriving looks like my new lens won't be :(  I'm pretty sure it will make mincemeat of a shot like this in terms of quality and handling (though to be fair, I do have this lens on my old 7D atm so image quality will be compromised anyway).  All I can do is wait though - maybe I should spend some of my waiting time figuring out how to get the tacky plastic seed catcher out of the shot?!

Fingers crossed for clear skies tomorrow as we look forward to a "spectacular" blood moon..........fingers crossed (NB - link changed after page reference disappeared!  This link goes to some other shots of the blood moon from around the country)

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