By SamAgainPlease

Yet another shot of the bloody moon!

Like a few others in Australia and NZ, I tried my hand at shooting the moon tonight.  I knew it was going to be a challenge given that it's significantly darker than a normal full moon and it turned out to be harder than I thought.

Didn't help that was pretty blowy in Sydney tonight too.

I tried to shoot a sequence towards the end that I was going to merge but I'd bumped the focus ring.  Thankfully I did not have my heart set on that.

So - my lessons for tonight:
1. Focus before it goes into eclipse and find some technique for locking the focus ring - harder than anticipated on a heavy zoom.  Do it before you leave home.
2. Use a small tripod or at least have the legs as short as possible (to avoid wind shaking the tripod).
3. Take a chair or be prepared to lie on the ground.  Probably the latter if you've got a tiny tripod as it's the best way to see results.
4. Mirror up and a wireless remote control.

I've got Helicon Remote software so should've used that - lesson 5 - practice using the software / equipment that's made for the job.

I'm not disappointed - glad I saw it and also got to spend some time with my son.

Extra through some trees.

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