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By HarlingDarling

Home, Cummings and goings.

Long trip home, mostly driving through a madly torrential rain storm, and at the end of the trip (when I was driving) being thrown about the place by some really strong, gusty wind. Everything went well, thankfully, but it is very hard work staying properly alert in those conditions, I was dragged about a bit too much for comfort more than once. We are feeling tired... so many impressions, so much socialising, so many big decisions etc. Very glad to be home, even if it was a slight wreck.

When we got home I dashed to the seedlings to see if all was well, to find that the wind had been wooshing about them as well. The heavy plastic cover was in a heap on the ground, one of the potted strawberry plants was lying in another heap of spilled soil - squashing the sunflower seedlings that have germinated for once (!) -  and the seedlings were drying out nicely!! I put everything to rights in a few minutes and watered everyone, speaking soothingly to them. So, then we carried stuff into the house - and watered other thirsty individuals.

We walked up to the garden by Betty's to find the little plastic greenhouse was gone, it had landed in a tangled heap up against the forest. It must only just have happened as nothing was dried out, or battered. So we packed it all away and left the pots in the middle of the garden, looking a bit solitary. It's now 10 o'clock and still blowing like mad out there...

Spoke to my brother Pete, about vans and bathrooms (our van, his shower renovation) and are now, finally, having a sandwich. I still have a drawing to do before I can stop for the night, it may well be one of the faster ones! I recently turned down a pretty long academic text that needed translating, and passed it on to my friend who needs to make some cash to finish putting in her bathroom. (whereas I have a garden and 365 drawings to do) Then today I was asked to do two shorter translations for my regular project. I was delighted to be able to say yes, and know I have time, they are the people I have worked for most these last few years. If it carries on being stormy weather I'll be happy to stay in and do it!

My apologies for not being up to speed with journals, commenting is a thing of the past it seems, but in a little while I will land, and all will be well. Lovely to be away, wonderful to make huge and exciting decisions, energising to travel and to see something different, and absolutely brilliant to be home, in our own bed tonight. I've read some of the beans being spilled by the vile and despicable Cummings, about other vile and despicable characters on the UK political stage. In itself vile and despicable at times. It isn't at all encouraging to know that what looked like a car crash of leadership, was in fact a multiple pile up. And fatal for so many people, debilitating for others, and leaving so many grieving. It's like having the twin towers happen every week for a whole year, in terms of lives lost, according to one article I read. Perspective.. 

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