Marking Time

By Libra

Gardening countdown

Apologies for yet another photo of gardens, this time ours, but we have only a week to go before Open Gardens and suddenly everything is focused on the garden and admin that goes with it as a committee member.
I am responsible for drumming up publicity for the event but the media has changed beyond recognition from­ the days when I worked as a newspaper journalist.
Now traditional media for garden openings is a non-starter apart from our local paper who always gives us good coverage.
Everything has moved online – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I am still trying to figure out how can one get lots of “likes” and shares. The problem is compounded because most garden enthusiasts are, how shall I put it tactfully, older and not necessary computer literate.
Forttunately Head Office, ( Scotland's Garden Scheme )  have an excellent website and this is where most visitors go in search of information.

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