Day 432 Value for money!

Last week I blipped a mixed bunch of flowers for Flower Friday which included some tulips and true to form, those tulips have provided material for today's FF entry.  Many thanks to BikerBear for her continued hosting.
In other news:  we went out this evening to meet friends for a restaurant meal at a local favourite Italian.  It was lovely, both the food and the company and for the first time in ages I felt that life was almost normal.   The restaurant has currently decided to have two sittings per evening, as with reduced numbers allowable in the restaurant, this is no doubt the only way that they can make opening financially viable.  It suited me fine, both to eat quite early and to only have two hours sat on a dining chair as I still feel rather uncomfortable if I can't move regularly.  As we got home quite early we watched Greg Wallace's Weekends Away and The World's most scenic Railways before retiring.  Watching such excursions on the TV is as near as we'll get to holidaying for quite a while I think!

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