By annemcurtis

Orange Tip on Salvia Rockin' Deep purple

Unfortunately you cannot smell the plant. It is fabulous......I didn't smell the butterfly as there was no time to do that !!!! 

Thank goodness that I have the job of blip to do as today has been very very difficult for me. I tried not to cry and that was a mistake I feel as it built up into an horrendous sadness. Luckily my children got in touch and things got better from there. I phoned a friend, a very good friend ...PA.
She knows all about this and gives me good advice. I felt so much better by then. Unfortunately I had to get out to get some wine.........I guess tomorrow will not be any better.........but although today I thought that I would be better dead...........I have changed my mind.....
I did quite a lot of garden work which keeps me sane (to some extent)
The weather was humid and 15 degrees so for Scotland that is quite warm !!!! Sorry again for lack of comments. I will look at your posts tonight and think yourselves much privileged if you get a star never mind a comment. Hoping the proper energy will come back soon but I guess it won't for a long time. I dont think I will ever get over the death of Alan.
I will forge through the week until I go to stay with my children for a few or maybe more days........
Love to all of you kind people. night night xx

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