Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Old Time

Hope you are having a good Memorial Day outdoors. A good concert at Arlington national cemetary last night on my iPad. 

My world is as small as can be at the moment.  Today I discovered, on Herb’s desk this old I think ugly clock and then I remember his brother asking him if he wanted some family object that he could bring when they drove out here from Colorado on the 18th. .. I would say no not one more thing, but I couldn’t remember  what it was and H is more sentimental than I by a long shot!   So here we have it.  :-(.  For some child of ours to get rid of.   Tom, give me its story...whose was it.?  It’s substantial and about 8 inches thick.  It does tell the time. 

After much trouble with mysterious internet issues and rebooting and changing passwords for reasons unclear,  I managed to finally send my last Blip Vol XI to Blurb!     Then I needed a nap.     Visit from the home health nurse this am.

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