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By walkingMarj

Instruments of torture?

It's been a tricky old day throughout.

It's been too hot for one thing.

Then there were things that were missing (hiding in plain sight).

We were at the Nuffield this evening for Mum to see an ENT surgeon about her nosebleeds. He was running half an hour late which did not help at all. Then it took a long time for the examination and the cauterisation to take place.

My blip shows the instrument and the cautery pencil just before they were used.

We did not get home until nearly 10pm by which time we were both very tired indeed.

The people came about the marquee for Mum's birthday party. I was getting alarmed when he spoke of the dimensions having measured our back lawn using his strides (always spot on said his assistant). Then he realised that I was thinking in feet and he was thinking in metres. Phew!

Now we have to wait and see if we are allowed to go ahead at all.

My credit card was declined at the hospital and said that the pin had been incorrect too many times. Since I rarely use it except online, the pin has been underused if anything. I've had to apply for a new one. Sigh.

Tomorrow is another day and we are very glad indeed.

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