Day at a Time

By Tweedy


It's the time of year when most of my blips are garden-based. It's not terribly exciting so the least I can do is try a different camera. I took the olympus outside this morning and tried to snap a bee. But they were too fast for me. Here instead is a geum - I don't know its name but it is more subtle than G. Mrs J Bradshaw which I also have. I much prefer this one - a calmer colour.

It's Wednesday which means the day gets going at 07:00 when our younger granddaughter arrives for breakfast and a day of being looked after here. I had been awake for two hours before that which gave me time to catch up with a few chores. It's another lovely sunny day and just right for being in the garden or playpark.

When the wee one goes home I'll be straight into yoga then I've a lazy evening planned. Stirling is staying in Level 2 restrictions which is fine by me. I'm pleased for my Glasgow son and his family as they too are now in level 2 which means they can get their night's camping at the weekend. I hope wherever they go is clean. I've been reading horrendous tales of the desecration of beautiful places and the amounts of litter (and much worse) being left on beaches, lochsides and hills. What is wrong with some people?

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