By Charente

Lunch is served : Sorry a spider yet again,,,,

I am not a spider fan but this little chap is only about 1mm in size.  (The size was certified by my Quantity Surveying husband).  The spider is a member of the Meshweavers family (Nigma puella )  I am having fun playing with the new tubes and using various combinations.  I did not even see the spider here with the naked eye until I used the lens to take a photo of whatever the dead bug is!!!  Once seen, we could both just manage a tiny white spot by eye.

It was sunny this morning and I managed to do a bit of gardening, but it started raining around 13h30.  As I type this at 16h00 the sun is shining again.  Apart from playing with the tubes on the Nikon, I have not done much else this afternoon.

My night off from cooking so I will probably watch Antiques Road Show and Pointless later and then return to the computer!!!

Keep safe everyone and have a good evening.  Thanks for the visit,

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