By Charente

Young Blackbird testing the waters...

Wow, very noisy storm early this morning (01h45) that lasted for about 15 mins, then we had a bit more rain at 02h30, not a good nights sleep as you might guess.  I asked Mr C this morning how much rain did we have and he said what rain, he slept through it all!!!  He then went and had a look and it was 23 mm.  Sadly the poor little spider from yesterday had all his food washed away.

 I went out later between showers to check the garden and the only damage I could see were the cherries (and there weren't many anyway),  all on the ground.  The young blackbirds were having a feast!  I then caught one of them discovering what that stuff was that was in the soapstone ashtray, it makes a much better birdbath than what it was made for!

I made up a batch of rusks which will only be ready tomorrow, they are in the oven now drying out.

Dinner tonight is the last of the vegetable frittata with 5 spice maple glazed salmon.   Mixed salad for starters and we have a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge.  Strange but neither of us has ever tried it before, it must be one of the few drinks we have not had.  We do not often drink sparkling, but we do enjoy Cava from Spain.  I have though never seen it on the shelves here!  I guess they don't think their champagne needs competition!!!

Have a great weekend everyone and I hope the weather improves.
Thanks for the visit, take care.

I am having trouble loading onto blip today - 5th try.....

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