Alice in tears on the phone this morning.  The neurologist won't take Fred on privately and thinks they will be better under the NHS.  This will probably mean a delay of three months before he is seen by a neurologist.  I felt so angry and upset for my daughter.  But, on reflection we realised that the whole process of diagnosing Fred is so complex that it will probably be better to stay with the NHS.  

But, boy it is so hard for them not knowing what the prognosis will be.  So many questions but answers will not come easily.

Alice trying to be strong.  But she has to allow herself to cry at times.

Afternoon was first book group in a while.  I couldn't concentrate but nice to see people.

Walking home  Alice rang in a more upbeat mood.  They have a date for seeing the community paediatrician...July 5th, which is thankfully not too long to wait.

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