By Stella2


I took Lucas out this morning to the playground on his trike, it has become his favourite activity.  Then after an early lunch I headed out to Aylesbeare Common where I met up with a friend to explore various parts to establish how the floral and animal life was developing.  It was a beautiful warm and sunny day and I felt like I was in a dream.  There were panoramic views all around me and the sound of bird song and I had my camera.  The frenetic activity at home was quickly forgotten.  We spotted several butterflies out a gatekeeper, brimstone and a few other.  By the side a small pond we spent some time photographing dragonflies and then headed into a wooded area.  We found a clearing which had apple mint growing and the scent of the mint combined with the beauty of the wild flowers was lovely.  It was here we found these orchids, I think they are the Common Spotted Orchid.

After a couple of hours out on the common I headed home.  It was a lovely break but good to come back to everyone.  

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