By suehutton

Our first purple flag iris

Two years ago, Carol gave us some iris roots. Len planted as many as he could throughout the garden. Two years later, they have just started coming into flower, and this is the first. Lovely, delicate flowers.

I shot this with a Lensbaby Sweet 50. From which I have learned it is not the best lens for close ups so must try again.

While I was at Lidl this morning, the engineer came to fix the dishwasher. Happily it doesn't need a new pump but it does need a sensor to detect and control  the pumping and draining of the water. I look forward to 15th June when it might actually work once more.

Len unwrapped my new canvas chair which I tried out in the garden this afternoon. I can actually put my head back and nap in it. Very comfortable.

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