By Ingeborg

Ready !

Finally two oriental poppy buds have opened, yay ! They are not as light pink nor as frilly as I was expecting but they are certainly beautiful ! The mono version for MonoMonday (with thanks to random_angel and Majoayee for hosting this month) and the full colour version in the extras. 

And here are last week's Abstract Thursday results, thanks so much for 4 pages full of entries even on a day with Blipfoto posting glitches !
Honeycombebeach         nude mannequins parade abstract
laurie54                              umbrella mosaic
SpotsOfTime                    plastic sunset abstract
FrankS                               gnarly purple
AmandaT2013                 a soapy abstract

This coming Thursday the optional theme is 'filter', take that anyway you want but remember that using your own home-made filters is quite fun, plastic and other transparent packing materials are great for that for example. The tag will be AT311.

Thanks so much for the kind comments and stars on yesterday's emergency tired Blip. It was Fumiko's first birthday in The Netherlands far away from her own family so we wanted it to be a good one for her !

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