By Beinghere

Geordie having a great time at the beach

This morning we went to Ruby Bay at Elie.  The beach runs from the Lady`s Tower east towards St Monans.  The sun was shining, there was no wind, and most people were on the beaches closer to Elie.  We almost had the beach to ourselves.  We met a few dog walkers, but well spaced out.

Geordie started his walk by throwing himself on a dead seal on the beach.  He was so pleased with himself.  He had his, look what I`ve found, expression on.  After that I couldn`t wait to get him in the water, you could smell the stink from 50 yards.  It`s got to be one of the worst smells there is.  It`s gross.
Happily, soon after that he found a stick he liked and brought it to me.  So, it was just Throw, Swim. Retrieve from there on. 
The salt water seems to neutralize the stink, but seal fat needs soap to wash it off his coat.  I may start carrying a wee bar of soap.
We both had a lovely time and came home tired.

Apart from the seal incident, (which didn`t surprise me, most dogs will roll in anything dead and stinky), Geordie has had a good day.

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