horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Good Hare Day

So very glad I took the extra day off work at the end of the holiday. Went out for a walk to a spot that we haven't been too in well over a year, which has been made a little more difficult to get to, but which prompted us into finding an altogether more pleasant entry point, even if it's a slightly longer walk.

Anyway, good day for hares. Mostly distant, but we saw a good 7 or 8, which this one being good enough to stay put for a slightly closer look.

With work on the old car proving a little frustrating, I turned my attention to the bike in the sun in the garden - changing over the wheels, and replacing a broken spoke on one. I've got a little plan for some targets to get my head back into my training, which I think has suffered from not having the daily commute out in the real world...

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