By Ridgeback13


Busy day with non stop meetings, including one where I started the process of telling people about my retirement plans, and it was easier and went better than I’d thought it might.
Managed to get to Portobello a bit early for book group and as it was a lovely warm sunny evening I squeezed in a walk along the beach beforehand which was lovely…although missed having a spotty dog to play with as I walked.
Lovely to all be in person again (see salso Arclight, LauraMuir, Winsford and Hazelh blips!)…it’s been more than a year since we met up other than on zoom and the explosion of chat in several parallel conversations was such a delightful return to something like normality (albeit we were sitting outside, gradually adding layers of clothing!). Lots of catch up, with a spectacular anecdote from M, news of family and talk of holidays, planned future book group trips, and hospital stays. Everyone who’d managed to read the book enjoyed it (The Years by Annie Ernaux) but perhaps as a result we had less discussion of it….although maybe it was just because we had more other things to talk about.
Home , revelling in it still being light after 11pm, so later to bed than I’d planned. Good day

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