A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Earth and sky…

connected here above Haworth on our walk this morning. The Worth Valley leads down to connect with the Aire Valley in the far distance.

Headed to Haworth fairly early and started the Railway Children walk following the route of the railway towards Oxenhope.
We’ve done this walk often, together and I’ve done it with the ladies and with Grace in the past. We did the second part back in March after I took my 11 year blip at Haworth Church.
Last time we tried to do the first leg was when we stayed in Haworth for a belated wedding anniversary celebration in October. The path was a quagmire from poor weather and heavy foot fall in the early autumn and when it came on to rain very heavily we abandoned the walk heading to the station where we could get the train back except it didn’t stop in Haworth!

Lovely walk today, paths dry and quiet and of course sunshine, we didn’t see anyone till we stopped for coffee in Haworth. A bus had just arrived and it was funny to hear people complaining that the Bronte museum was advance bookings only but they didn’t want to go anyway and what were they going to do in Haworth for two hours!

After our coffee break we did the second half of the walk to Oakworth station, again following the railway. We were appropriately followed by the sound and sights of a stream train all the way. They were just firing up the engine as we crossed the bridge at Bell Isle and it passed us along the valley. As we crossed the line to climb up to the ‘Three Chimneys’ house the engine was picking up the carriages from just outside Oxenhope Station. We could hear the train pass as we walked above the valley as seen in the blip and as it returned through Oakworth. When finally back in Haworth it was just pulling into the station having been up to Oxenhope again. (Extra)

Always a lovely walk. Just short of the 6 miles as we missed out walking down the Main Street to the station to then walk back up to Mythomes Lane.
It’s a walk we will never tire of.

Looking forward to seeing the new version/sequel of the film that is being made at the moment though I can’t imagine it will be better than the 50 year old original.

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