By JanetMayes

Project 365 day 159: green bottle, green leaf

Rather late on Tuesday, I looked around the garden for tiny, green things, and surprised myself by ending up with a longlist of half a dozen photos. I think I'm most pleased with the fly photos; I'm not a fan of flies, but the iridescence is striking in low sun, and I'm encouraged to be capturing a few roughly in focus insect images even without the long coveted macro lens. The alternatives, for the record, were tiny, newly formed strawberries and tomatoes, and various weeds and grasses. The light was lovely; I'm so enjoying this warm, sunny weather.

By the time I had downloaded and processed them and dithered about which I liked best, I was too tired to upload and write; I'm struggling with late evening blipping, and not managing to spend much time reading the many lovely and interesting journals I try to follow. I apologise for comments unanswered and photos not viewed: it's not lack of interest, just too many demands on my time. 

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