By Barking

AT311 - Abstract windy leaves

It was a wild night last night. I had to put ear plugs in to be able to block out the sound of the wind and rain bashing our home. 

This morning, I awoke to a dark and blustery world. I gathered my bits and bobs and headed to work. A tree down on the freeway, as well as lots of power outages. Fortunately, we still had power.

When I got to work, it was chaos. Most of our school buses weren't running and many staff couldn't get to school either. It's been a skeleton staff all day, just pitching in and helping out where we're needed.

Most of the kids left during the day, as their parents came to pick them up. Very little actual teaching has happened.

I guess I'll see our garden in the light when I get home, see if there is any damage. I don't think so. Broinlaw hasn't been so lucky. His place has been battered.

Today's optional challenge for Abstract Thursday was 'filter', so I applied one to this in Photoshop. I know it's not in focus, but that's kind of the point; a few leaves clinging on to the tree, being tossed around in the wind. At least it's dropped now. That will make things easier for the SES members who are trying to help with the clean up.

MrB comes home tomorrow!


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