love light

By lrw

Eclipse Sunrise

There was an annular solar eclipse at sunrise this morning clearly visible in our part of the world. I had my homemade pinhole lens attached to the camera not so much to use there, I planned to swap it for a real lens, but rather I had it with me to use as a kind of projector to safely view the eclipse. But due to a silly mistake on my part, the lens could not be taken off the camera and so all we could do was photograph it this way. I'm delighted with these images, I'm probably the only person in the world to photograph an annular solar eclipse this way, so that's kinda cool ;)

Karin and I took our niece Hannah along for the show. Sunrise at this time of the year is at a very stupid hour ... 5:35am. Much, much, much too early given we also had to leave early enough to walk there! 

Was worth it though.

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