By dunkyc

Extreme Ways

I am proud of myself because for once at an emotional moment, I didn’t dissolve into tears and instead just held my estranged work-wife in a friendly embrace.

Whilst we talk most days, it has been over a year since we have seen each other in person and my goodness, it was such a tonic! I’m not a fan of workplace hugging, but given the circumstances, I was willing to make an exception and besides we weren’t in the workplace and our "marriage" is one of the few I’ve had that haven’t ended in divorce. Yet. 

We joined our boss in the booth he had saved for us in the otherwise empty hotel cafe area and it was just like old times. We even got some work done!

The day has been special anyway because seven years ago, The Youngest; Matty, was passed into my arms and - as I had with my previous two - I unashamedly dissolved into tears of pride and joy. She arrived after an unbelievably short and chilled out labour - I have to give EW2 her due here, she totally owned Matty’s arrival into this world. The Youngest will be here tomorrow for birthday weekend shenanigans, but we had a video call earlier and a little, excited chat!

The day was off to a good start when I heard Natural Blues on the drive down and then found that Moby had released ‘Reprise’ which features new arrangements of some of his best songs. Absolutely loved the re-interpretation of Extreme Ways and this cover of Bowie’s Heroes is brilliantly haunting.

Great way to finish the week and lean into the weekend!!

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