Couldn't resist taking this shot of TIno fast asleep on the windowsill.  

Musical link  DREAMLAND - by The Pet Shop Boys featuring Years & Years.

Had a lazy-ish day at home today.  Watched the footie  - Wales v Switzerland.  Then I did a bit of sorting out in one of the spare rooms.  Collected some items together to put in a charity bag next time one pops through the door --- and quite a lot of junk to put in the bin. Im not good at getting rid of stuff but once I started I began to be more ruthless.  Hopefully I will keep up the momentum and have a good old clear out ( not before time I must say )

Weather was sunny and warm again but there was still a strong wind all day.

Thank you to everyone who made a comment on yesterdays blip - and for all the " favourites ".  At the moment its 5th on the Popular page.      Its now 3rd on the popular page.

Steps today - 4,239

CORONA CLASSIC - Donald Sinta Quartet- Escaich: Tango Virtuoso

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