By dunkyc

Jump Around!

Jump around

We have been listening to the Baby Driver soundtrack a lot lately. 

It’s because it is brilliant and the wee ones have a particular liking for Bellbottoms, which I hadn’t heard of before seeing the film.

Also, the playlist includes Harlem Shuffle, the opening of which was sampled by House of Pain for their seminal hit ‘Jump Around’, which was on my mind first thing this morning as I made preparations for our trip to Jump Rush - a pretty impressive indoor trampoline park, which The Youngest had requested we go to for her birthday - “you have to come in too, Daddy”.

Oh, OK then…..

Matilda’s birthday weekend extravaganza began in earnest today, when she was deposited with me along with her brother this morning.

I’d been up early doors to prep a picnic for us all to have once we’d finished bouncing around all over the shop boy, it had felt like a long hour by the end of it as we emerged hot, sweaty and sucking on our respective Slush Puppies in a bid to cool down, but Matty had loved every minute.

She spent the first half clutching President Teddy as we got some footage for a forthcoming project, but he was holding her back and was stowed, after that she didn’t stop moving. 

When we emerged blinking into the sunlight, we found a place to shelter from the wind and ate our picnic before we headed into the arcades to blow some serious coin (about a fiver) on the 2p machines. Naturally, this was exhausting work, so we headed to the beach for a paddle and a ’99 ice cream, which we promptly devoured – one each, I’m not THAT cheap.

Matty insisted on going to the park and having her picture taken with Eric Morecambe’s brilliant statue. I quite liked the way she sat on the crook of his rear leg.

We headed for home and before too much longer, I heard some comforting snores coming from the rear seat as she slipped into a noisy slumber. I knew my job had been done.

The second ice cream followed another McDonald’s home delivery (again, requested by the birthday girl) and the wee ones both sat glued to the ipad once more as the delivery driver made his way around town to our door.

It’s been a fantastic day and instead of being tired tonight, I’m still buzzing from it all, however that might actually be a result of being in the sun too long without the appropriate protection.

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