Life Savors

By osuzanna

On the Edge

I was enjoying photographing this beautiful pink rose using a zoom lens combined with a close up filter when this little cucumber beetle crawled out for an even better photo-op.  

I have been quite a slacker the last few days.  It was painfully hot and humid for a couple of those days and this was followed by a day of thunderstorms and soaking rain.  When the rain stopped but the clouds remained, I thought it would be perfect for photographing flowers.  My husband headed downtown for a double header baseball game and I headed to the botanical gardens. 

I have also been preoccupied with ice hockey and the NHL playoffs.  Thursday night our boy's team clinched a spot in the semi-finals and once again made hockey history.  They have been in the playoffs all four of their years as a new team and in three of those they have made it to the semi-finals.  They are playing extraordinarily well and are favored to win the next round against Montreal.  The next round starts Monday night.  

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