By suehutton

Poppy Posy

Every year I take a photo of the yellow poppies, whether Icelandic or Welsh I couldn't really say. They come up each year, they're profligate and they have a lovely colour. Today  was the day for 2021, although I think I shall probably have another go displaying them in a vase that has room for longer stalks.

Very hot despite some cloud cover. We decided to take our daily walk in Burleigh Wood because it would afford some shade. It's a forest of ferns now that the bluebells have passed over.

I finally worked out how to display a YouTube video on the DIG website, all down to carriage returns. It's a clumsy solution but it works.

Basil had a bath this evening. You'd have thought he might enjoy a bit of cooling down. Not so. He protested vociferously.

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