Dawn's Journal

By DawnP

Balancing Act

I’ve been thinking about getting a folding bike to drop into the boot of the car and expand the travel possibilities once we do get out and about more fully … even better, an eBike is a highly attractive prospect,

In the meantime I dug my Mum’s old folding bike out of the garage. It is made by a respected English firm, Raleigh, and examples of the bike, from the 1980s, are marketed as “Vintage” on eBay.  

As a folding bike it is rather bulky and I find it heavy to lift, though it would fit in the boot. Interestingly, I weighed it, and it comes in at around 15kg, which is actually lighter than most of the bikes on sell today (apart from the Rolls Royce of bikes, the Bromptons!) and I suspect is better made.

So perhaps I’ll look into renovating it instead … decisions, decisions…

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