By JohnW

Who gives a Coot?

Well these tiny fellows do, and their mum.
One of those days when you wish you had thrown the telephoto lens in the car as well as the camera.  Cropped to the nth degree and Photoshopped to h*** to get anything like a photo, but it’s all that I’ve got at the end of a full day, and although not blue I reckon they will do for TinyTuesday.
Trip to the New Springwells practice for Mrs W to donate a gallon of blood to medical science, so I made a trip to the butchers, then topped off with some shots of the spring with thoughts of “water” for next month’s Photo Group meeting.  That’s when I spotted the coot family.  I thought there were only two youngsters until I got it all home and into development.
I had only just packed up the meet into the freezer when Sainsburys turned up.  After I had packed that lot away I took a snooze, then watered the apple and pear trees, then time to blip. 
Many thanks to PinkHairedLady  for hosting TinyTuesday this month.

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