By dogwithnobrain

She is tied against the tree

What is it with Cats and boxes? 

The wine got delivered.  Bean wandered around and around.   

I put the wine in the wine rack, and As I walked out the back door with the inserts - Bean was there , skidding across the kitchen floor to get into the dining room and bounced straight into "her" box.   She was actually aware of the inserts being gone and her space becoming available. 

She stayed there for about 20 minutes, paw coming out the hole to attack possible intruders (me) walking past. 

Then, last night. Beau bounced in (bit more of an effort for her, given the extra belly she has to lift in), and whilst I worked, she sat and gazed at me through this hole.

I'm desperate to get them a little one - I saw a video of a cat wandering around with a box "on". 

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