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By Damnonii


Kildary, Ross & Cromarty, Day 12

If it's good enough for Charlie Chaplin, it's good enough for me :-)

We had hoped to visit Culloden on our way to Nairn but we dilly dallied for so long the morning, we ended up having lunch at the Barn then heading straight for Nairn.

Thankfully the weather was much better than yesterday.  Sunny and warm, although a tad breezy by the sea.

First stop in Nairn was Nairn Golf Club, a stunning links course that's one of David's favourites.  Just to let me see it of course, he wasn't playing :-) 

Afterwards we parked on the road that leads to the golf club as it has the start (or end depending on what direction one is going in :-) of a fabulous path that follows the coastline all the way to the harbour.

We set off along the path and it was so wonderful to feel the sun on my face, the wind in my hair and the stunning scenery in every direction (various photos in extras)  I ended up sticking close to the inside of the path as I got so distracted by the view, I found myself very close to the edge of the path a few times!  Putting David between myself and the risk of toppling onto the beach seemed the safe thing to do!  :-)

What can I say about Nairn?  The best thing probably is if you get the chance to visit, do it.  Such a lovely place.  David holidayed there as a child a few times so it was a return visit from him.  His mum always talked so fondly of Nairn and now I understand her enthusiasm.

One of the things that struck is how clean and well cared for everything is.  From the many benches along the path to the children's amazing play park that is full of exciting and unusual rides to play on, as well as the more traditions swings and roundabouts.  There's also a fabulous water feature that lots of young children were enjoying.  Their squeals of laughter were a delight to listen to.  Even the public loos were spotless, had loo roll and hot water!

We carried on following the sea along the path to the harbour where we met the sculpture of the fishwife.  A beautiful statue based on Annie Ralph, one of the last of Nairn's fishwives.  What a pivotal role those fishwives played in the success of the fishing trade.  But what a hard life.  I am glad their vast contribution has been recognised.

After surveying all the wonderful boats in the harbour and deciding which boat we wanted (in our dreams :-) we turned and headed back along the coastal path, this time enjoying the view in the opposite direction.  

David kindly got down onto the shore line to collect some pebbles for me to take home as a wee momento of our visit.  We also watched various dogs enjoying playing in the sea, such excitement, and missed our girl.  She would have had a fantastic time in the water!

Back to the car and back to the Barn for dinner.  The bunnies were waiting in the garden to welcome us back as they have been every day.  So tame.  I caught the little one mid ear scratch (in extras :-))

Not sure what out plans are for tomorrow.  We've got more things we want to do than time left to do them, so some difficult decisions have to be made.

A lovely dilemma though :-)

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