By Dakers

Red Poppies

A day of getting together with "old friends".

Ian R and I have known each other for over 60 years. We first met through the Boys Brigade. I was a member of the Cupar Company and he was a member of the Leuchars Company.

Our friendship thrived through various BB competitions and Camps. After that we became involved in active motor sport events at local and National level. We competed and we organised.

Through that we were then asked to organise the Jim Clark Memorial Appeal for a statue in Kilmany where Jim was born.

Yesterday, Pat and I were invited to have afternoon tea with Ian and Joan.

We had a splendid time catching up and reminiscing about the last two years.

Judging from some of Ian’s stories I apparently gave him some anxious moments as he navigated and I drove!

In my defence, in the many miles we covered I never put so much as a scratch of any of my cars. I think that is a fairly unusual outcome.

Pat never asked for any explanation of these "anxious moments". She has more than enough of her own in the crazy motoring events we both been involved with.

Again, never a scratch and my driving licence is without a stain in the fifty five years I have been driving. Long may it continue..

I have been involved in three vehicular accidents though. None of my doing, and luckily with minimal injury.

One was a bus (I was a fare paying passenger). One was a mechanical failure and the car I was ended upended in a ditch and the final was a quad bike which involved a jammed open throttle and I jumped clear.

This entry has been typed with finger and with fingers crossed!

After the yellow poppies of yesterday, today’s Blipfoto is of the red poppies in Ian and Joan’s garden

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