By pensionspoet

Friday pizza factory

We almost always have homemade pizza on Fridays. They really are so delicious, and the diet really has gone to pot today anyway, for all of us, so we enjoyed all the usual toppings!

The rain has at last reached North Norfolk. I know that further south has been getting a fair share of the wet stuff for 1 or 2 days, so we have been lucky. Not so lucky that Jon and I had taken the day off, but we went to Alby Crafts artisan cafe this morning, where we began our tumble from the diet. Cake with our tea and coffee, a piece each, not one to share - and it’s still a whole week until our proper holiday begins! It was lovely though - I had tiffin. I recommend it. I had a look in the craft shop located next to the cafe, who were showcasing lots of local craftsmen and artists wares. Lots of lovely pictures in box frames like ours. It got me wondering whether they would be able to stock/sell any of our bits. She had customer, and I wasn’t brave enough to ask. But I’m thinking about asking. I’ll get a selection of bits together and go back.

After lunch, Jon and I sorted out our holiday clothes, and drove down to the caravan to pack them in. The weather has increased the volume of clothes we are taking, as I suspect wellies, big wax proof jackets and hats will be needed in addition to my shorts, and sandals. We have lots of books, scrabble, Yahtzee and a pack of cards, and are ready for whatever weather is thrown at us!

It was nice to see on Facebook that a friend of mine has just finished reading her copy of Max’s Time Travelling Adventure. She really enjoyed it. It is still on sale on Amazon, particularly for children 7 to 11 and of course to all curious adults. I know that to date, far more adults than children have read it! It spurred me on to think more about the sequel. It is 3 years since I published the first Max. I can’t believe that time has flown. As it took me about 12 years in all from the seed of an idea to publishing, I must get on with this one. My laptop will come on holiday with me! Goal is to have 20,000 words ( about half) done by the time I get back if it rains a lot. May be less if we get sun!

Something exciting happened yesterday, which I forgot to tell you about - do you remember I lost a special earring, and spent the following morning retracing my steps in Sheringham? You do? Well, I discovered yesterday that a mouse had eaten my runner bean plants, and 3 chilli plants in my shed. So I immediately thought ‘Is he in my chicken food’ but he wasn’t- then as I pulled forward the sack of corn, a trail of corn escaped into the floor - and there beside it was my earring! I was beside myself, and thanked the little mouse for eating my plants as I really wouldn’t have thought to move the bag if it wasn’t for him. I saw him dart away behind the shelf! I’ve decided to buy some better hooks before I wear them again.

Now the football is on the tv but no one is really watching. I’m going to find something crafty to do….

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