A Day In The Life

By Irish59

Clematis Gone Wild

Happy Flower Friday, and a round of applause, please, for BikerBear for hosting today’s challenge! • Our clematis plant is doing so well in only its second year. I’m now a convert and understand why they are so popular. It’s growing on a trellis, is more than 5’ tall, and is loaded with flowers and buds. What a feast for the eyes! We must have room for one more, right? • I had my second chiropractor appointment in a week this morning. Not going for a year and a half set me back a bit but after a few more appointments I should be back in tip-top shape. I might even run a Marathon when I’m through. Ha! Louise, let’s not get carried away, lol • It’s a lovely summer-like day, with a summer-like weekend ahead; in two days I will be able to drop the “like”, if you get my drift ;) • I saw a bumper sticker on a car parked next to me at the chiro. It actually said “2020 - Trump for President - Stop the Bull S**t” The irony of it boggles the mind! He only creates Bull S**t!! • Sorry, can’t end on “that” note. MrsP just suggested a cold brew on the patio before dinner. Her voice is like music to my ears :)

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