Euclidium Space Continuum

By Mobius

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Stumbled across a private super car owners meet held outside and inside an old local house complete with adjoining largish church and cricket ground. Must've been approx 30 top of the range Lambos, Ferraris etc on the gravel drive, with the occasional one driving away with a hearty roar. Inside and out of the orangery there were another 10 or so older cars, most of which seemed world class to me.

They were fine with me being there; so lucky!

I'd earlier met the church warden to look at their new sound system, then attend their service.

Mrs M
Extremely pleased and proud to see how much she's enjoying her exercise and maintaining her diet. Today was exceptional; 6.5 mile dog walk, then 10m MTB ride on our son's bike, including across fields. She's not ridden an MTB for over a decade.

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