By Mountainbrew

goodbye the new car and to Ed, he's heading to the North East to work with the Walk and Talk Trust on this: of a dream job; wandering through beautiful parts of the world with people who want to be there.  Tomorrow he gets to meet Alan Hinkes...the only Brit to have climbed all 14 mountains over 8000m in the world.  I'd be fascinated by him...not least because he mustn't particularly like company to have done what he's done yet makes a living out of meeting people...
Otherwise I helped sort the garage, spoke on the phone to Carol, my MIL, my sister Sarah and others...get me...normally so phone averse!
Grateful for Ed and the joy of watching him grow and go, for rainy summer days and for always delivers joy...unless I eat too much!! (preferably Lindt excellence with a touch of sea salt)

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