By strawhouse

Out in the Garden

It's like we've gone back in time to last year!! Although the garden is less neat - we've hardly been out there yet this year.
It was soooooooooo lovely sitting out in the sun all day. I couldn't really see the laptop so I gave up and read my book instead. 
Except I couldn't concentrate on my book because of all the birdsong and butterflies distracting me. And the blue sky, fluffy clouds and the trees swaying in the breeze with their beautiful green leaves. 
It was so gorgeous that I forgot to go and get Miss L. I only remembered her when Miss E rang to ask for a lift because it was too hot to walk up the hill. Whoops!!
I went to pick her up then carried on for Miss L. I arrived five minutes after they'd put her into after school club. 
Then it was back out into the garden. We need to make the most of it.
More courier drama today. Despite confirming it all yesterday and getting a text this morning with tracking information so I could follow the driver, I got a message at about 11am saying the collection had been cancelled as I haven't confirmed it. 
Oh my God.
I rang them and told them in no uncertain terms that I had indeed confirmed.
"We'll see you later" the woman said. 
And lo and behold they turned up just after 6pm. 

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