In her element

We are camping for the weekend and Orla is loving it.

We set off early for Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire so we could have almost a full day on the Friday, Orla got straight into the fun with her second cousins. 

Lots of fun and activities for the kiddies and adults over the next few days.

This is actually our Christmas party for Claire's extended family. You may ask why it's exactly 6 months away from Christmas day and it's nothing to do with Covid. With such a large and growing family no house was really big enough to comfortably accommodate everyone so this is the second one moved to the summer. We still all wear Xmas t-shirts and jumpers ;)

We did the Christmas gift game which ended quite sensibly compared to some years.

Great to see so many faces I've not seen for a year.

Mr Bo Hingles 

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