The Marvels of Photoshop

Although Photoshop is included in my plan I have never used it. 
I can't get my head around the world of layers and can do the little I want in Lightroom.

Until today.
Last photo group Tom showed us how to replace a sky.

The new sky replacement tool is designed for dummies like me, and no prizes for guessing our challenge.
I chose the photo, not because it's great, but because there are a lot of branches and wires.
The effect, if you're interested in such things, was pretty amazing.
All the branches are clearly delineated and it happened with one click.

Now the scene (the end of my road, with trees still scarred from the fires eighteen months ago) looks like something out of 'The Road'.

I doubt I'll ever use this, but I'm happy to know how.

Sitting in front of the fire, waiting for the cake to come out of the oven, and watching our footy team get massacred.
You've got to be strong to follow The Tigers:)

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