Hon in Edinburgh

By honined

Squirrel (with wet tail)

I've been waiting for an opportunity to show a picture from the Nikon V1 that I acquired from the bargain-bin of Heathrow Airport last week. It's a really nice camera in its own right, but I really wanted to bolt it onto my 70-200mm lens and see if the image quality from the 2.7 crop sensor was acceptable. Last night I took my best ever photographs of the Moon with this set up. Today, we saw this sad looking squirrel with the wet & spikey tail trying to get at the bird food outside the kitchen window.

Funnily enough, the V1 was also a discussion point with the other Dads I was speaking to at my daughter's Chinese School today. They were struggling with the unobtainable ideal of a cheap/fast/small/lightweight camera that takes good images. I'm not sure if the V1 fits the bill, but for what I want it for it's pretty promising so far.

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