One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


I liked the panama hat, and the lighting, and the fact that this commuter was so close yet so far, engrossed as he was in what was displayed on his phone. I took a few shots. But the camera kept focusing on the seat in foreground.
I got so engrossed in trying to get the focus right that I did not realise that he was not longer engrossed in his phone. 
Caught! Like a school boy. I apologised for taking his photo without his consent, and explained to him that I liked the light, and the panama hat, and the scarf, and the fact that he was surrounded by the infamous green theme of the Dart trains. I showed him what I meant, on the little camera screen. He sort of got what I meant. Sort of. I have a feeling he was mostly convinced that I was a sandwich short of a picnic... 
I offered to delete the shot if he wanted. He said that he didn't care, as long as it was not for commercial reasons. 
Since I doubt that I'll sell this portrait to feature as a cover of Panama Hat Monthly, I think it is safe to post it here, in a definitely non-for-profit kind of way. 
Wonder if I'll get reported for overly-social behaviour... 

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