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By HarlingDarling

Socialising in Sundsvall

We got ourselves up and off by 9 and arrived just a little after the lovely sisters you can see in the extra, Blaize and Sheyde. They aren't looking at their telephones due to boredom with our company, they are checking the menu. The QR code on the corner of the table lead us to the menu. All very digital and smart. We could pay for our food inthe phone as well, using Swish, and it meant a safer exchange for the people serving. As you can see in the photo, the promised rain did arrive, and how.

It was lovely to see the girls and hear their news, a little family gossip and their ideas for the future. We enjoyed listening to their reactions to the various restrictions of the pandemic, S is in the UK, B is in Vancouver, Canada. We commiserated with each other about the Canadian trip that never happened last May, and hope it will someday - before too long. We gave then a lift up one of Sundsvall's steepest hills to the "other Godmother", the one that belongs to S.

Blaize has been extensively, and expensively, tested - many hundreds of £££s to get in and out of the UK, and Sweden, and I guess more to come on returning to Canada. Apparently the testing companies in the UK seem to be owned by friends of the ruling party. Which irritates even more than the money. In France, the tests needed are free at the airport. Our various systems are so different. Here you will pay around £300 for the international travel test, which will put off many hopeful holiday-makers.

It really poured furiously at times, I used a brolly for the first time in weeks, and was glad I had my splashy sandals on. They soon dry out. Keens, plenty of room for the short, broad baby feet to wriggle their toes. We had thoughts of popping into IKEA but turned back as the car park was rammed with cars, and those pesky camper vans! I am still being cautious, and have no interest at all in getting the delta strain of this lurgy, despite the high level of protection as far as we know.

Home to a nicely watered garden, and most unusually for us, a proper lie down on the bed. Keith fell straight asleep, I read for a bit and then got up and drew the earrings I'd taken for the girls to pick from, and did my blip. Keith appeared about 2 hours later! Now for some cooking, a nice warming Ratatouille for the evening has cooled down to 18 degrees of dampness.  Not my favourite sort of air, but this will soon pass - and we live in a warm, dry house - soon to be full of delicious smells and tastes, and all is well.

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