By Charente

Just for the record.......

The stonemason has done well today and with a helper has managed much more than he expected.  They put the scaffolding up on Friday and returned first thing this morning to do the plastering and repairs.  By the time they left this evening they had all the scaffolding down and only the bottom level left to plaster.   My guess is they should be finished by lunchtime tomorrow.   Quite a lot of mess on the floor and I wonder who will get to clean that up - we shall see I guess.   I am hoping that it is not me.  I find some workers here are really good about cleaning up and others just leave a mess.  Oddly enough the few English workers we have had in are the worst.  This is a French guy so fingers crossed.

Not much else going on, rain on and off most of the day.  TDF rest day so no excitement there.  Shame about the soccer result, but sad so many fans are bad losers and cause trouble.  Also booing and racial comments are not necessary in sport.

My day off cooking today and Mr C had the final leftovers so we start fresh tomorrow.

Have a good evening and stay safe.  Thanks so much for the visit.

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