Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Super Limo Pizza

It is 12.7.21 today (which is a palindrome). I beat my date buddies to it! :))

In my recording of yesterday's events, I forgot to mention watching the live broadcast of Richard Branson's historic excursion into space and back. The craft he used looked incredible.

Today was quiet and reflective. G had a 4get-me-not meeting where everyone had three minutes to tell jokes. She had spent a lot of yesterday researching material she could use. It all paid off as she won the prize for her choice, especially as they complied with the guidelines!

In the evening, we had an SA meet-up for the new officer's to meet members. Only a handful of us but he had a happy evening and the Super Limo pizza fed and impressed us!

G & I had a short drive in the cool of the evening before coming home. We ended up near Festival City so went into Carrefour to get our milk! Crazy.

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